You Can Bet On Guys And Dolls At Westchester Broadway Theatre

Published: Monday, April 22, 2013 7:00 am By: Michall Jeffers Source: Woman Around Town
her affection. Jayson Elliott, as Nicely-Nicely Johnson, and Sheldon Henry, as Benny Southstreet, have a dynamite chemistry; no problem believing they’re old friends who’ve spent years getting each other in and out of all kinds of mischief. Their rendition of the title song is worth the price of admission (which, not so incidentally, includes a really good dinner).  

A nod must be given to the brightly colored and inventive costumes. I’ve never seen the Salvation Army workers dressed in scarlet before; it’s arresting. The striped orange and yellow number is to die for. The wardrobe choice references the Prohibition Era, while suggesting a modern vibe. This is in accord with a few current day touches, including the apparent selling of drugs during the opening roundelay of street characters, and the changing of “P.S. 84” into “Public School 84.” Big Jule is traditionally a physically large man; he’s average size here. And the usual Times Square background signs are now more of a suggestion of what would have been displayed during the 20’s.
 While Guys And Dolls has been successfully performed all over the world, there’s no doubt that it has a special resonance for those of us in the New York area. Here in Westchester, Sky’s crack about Sarah imagining herself “A Scarsdale Galahad” is especially appreciated, as is the line “He couldn’t take that doll to New Rochelle.” 

We’ve all heard the extraordinary songs from this theatrical masterpiece: “I’ll Know,” “I’ve Never Been In Love Before,” and the gambler’s plea at the heart of the story, “Luck Be A Lady.”

It’s a pleasure to hear them all again in this comfortable, upscale setting. This is show that never grows old, never tarnishes. If you agree, “Follow The Fold” to the Westchester Broadway Theatre.

Guys And Dolls
Westchester Broadway Theatre
I Broadway Plaza
Elmsford, NY 10523;
Through June 6, 2013