If you love The Sound of Music, go to the Westchester Broadway Theatre.

Published: Monday, July 1, 2013 7:00 am By: Eugene Paul
make for a great sense of security in everyone concerned. None more so than the cast. Somehow, at WBT, there is a joyous felicity: it presents each of its many productions not only with professional vigor but with confidence and optimism. Invaluable. Every director, in this case, Jonathan Stahl, fires up his company to give 110 percent. And they do. Aubrey Sinn, develops into a fine Maria. Matthew Shepard is the best Captain Von Trapp ever in this reviewer’s experience. If there is any trepidation it’s in the dangers riding there in the children. This season’s Broadway shows have been children heavy, which can only mean that directors and writers have overcome the child ick factor and are genuinely presenting them as treasures on stage. The fourteen children who play the seven Von Trapp children – it’s a union thing – have been made ick proof by director Stahl. Love those kids, at least the seven I saw.

Allyson Kaye Daniel has the loveliest voice of the excellent singers, especially in the splendid opening scene, in the abbey, led by fine Karen Murphy as the Mother Abbess. I was impressed by the care with which costume designer Loren Shaw dressed the nuns and equally impressed by the fancy footwear Michelle Dawson tossed about as Elsa, the wealthy temptress hoping to be the next baroness Von Trapp. Jamison Stern threw subtlety to the winds as music impresario Max Detweiler, getting all the laughs he could while remaining likeable, and Cameron Bartell and Molly Emerson as the young, teen age lovers caused some head shaking in certain sectors of the audience. I think pro but you never know. Leo P. Carusone, musical director, is an unsung hero; the entire, splendid musical production depends on him and he shone. Definite thumbs up for the whole shebang.