Irresistible Singel is Oliver! Inspiring Lucy Braid as Nancy! Tugs Heartstrings. Tears You Up. Cheers You Up in Schmaltzy Tasty Concoction

Published: Monday, August 26, 2013 7:00 am By: John Bailey Source: White Plains Citizen Net Reporter
her peril and is an appealing heroine.

John Anthony Lopez is a rascally Fagin (the leader of the pickpocket gang) with his big number You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two,  a crowd pleaser. Young persons seeing Mr. Lopez’s unseemly worship of  money and the way he exploits his pickpockets get a valuable insight into what bad people are really like: they use you under the premise of helping you.  Fagin is totally unsympathetic and this is the strength of Mr. Lopez’s performance. Fagin may be cute but even a young mind can see the selfishness in Mr. Lopez’s Fagin.

Mr. Bumble and  Widow Corney are a great comedy pair (John Treacy Egan and Regina Singel, –Oliver’s real life mom) as the very nasty orphanage overseers.  Their I Shall Scream is a hoot.

Oliver! Plays through September 8 and is a diversion, deftly brought back by Standing Ovation Studios. Standing Ovation Studios following its game production of In The Heights for WBT has mounted a production that should be a delight and in its winsome company in  full stride in its final two weeks.

For information, go to OR CONTACT  914-592-2268. And you get dinner, too!

Parents Note Content: Threatening physical conflict between the Sykes and Nancy characters. There is some light playful innuendo.There is gunplay