Music filled the theater and we were captivated.

Published: Monday, March 24, 2014 By: Jennifer Ahn Source: Macaroni Kids - New City

We had the amazing opportunity to see Ragtime at the Westchester Broadway Theatre in Elmsford, NY. This was our first experience at a dinner theater and we didn’t know what to expect. We were seated quickly and looked over the menu. The food was delicious and we had plenty of time to enjoy our meal and each other’s company. After several announcements, the lights grew dim and the show began. The music filled the theater and we were captivated.

Ragtime is a powerful story, rich in history with fabulous music. The acting and singing was mesmerizing and we were completely caught up in the story of Colehouse Walker Jr. and his fight for justice. The sets, costumes and choreography were beautiful and brought the story alive for the audience. As we watched, our hearts filled with compassion for Tateh and his daughter - coming to America with great hopes and dreams in the face of great challenges.

For many years, we have driven right passed the sign in Elmsford not knowing the treasure that was hidden there. We wholeheartedly recommend this show. Purchase tickets for Ragtime and you’ll be amazed at the talent in this show.

This would make a great date night or a perfect gift for friends. If you want to bring children, it would be most appropriate for children in late middle school or high school. There are many historical references that could encourage older children to ask more questions about America’s rich history. The Westchester Broadway Theatre is a fabulous experience – great food, wonderful acting and singing, free parking, and so close to home!