The Westchester News Review of Mary Poppins

Published: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 By: Gary Chattman

P.L.:   Well, Mary, what have you been up to, these days?

 Mary:  I’m appearing at the Westchester Broadway Theatre, dontcha know!

 P.L.:  Is that the one where they serve food before the show; the prices are so much      cheaper than Broadway; parking is free?

 Mary: Yes, that’s so true.  You should taste the roast beef!

 P.L.:  I will.  I plan to go there next weekend.

 Mary: Better make it fast.   Every show is sold out!

 P.L.:  You don’t say!   Who is playing you at this show?

 Mary: It’s that wonderful, talented “Practically Perfect” Lauren Blackman!

 P.L.:  The gifted one who has her own cast album of NEXT THING YOU KNOW and who  has been in so many shows?

 Mary: The exact one!  It takes a “Perfect Nanny” to play one!

 P.L. I know.  I wasn’t happy with Julie Andrews.

 Mary: Hey, didja see that movie with you portrayed by Emma Thompson?

P.L.: That was a hoot!   It wasn’t all true.

 Mary: Obviously.   Let’s get back to that wonderful Elmsford Theatre and our show.  Didja know it’s their 184th production and 40 years of show business in  Westchester?

 P.L.:  I read that in the playbill that was sent to me last week.  What did you think of Leo  Ash Evens?

 Mary: The very one!  He played Bert!  What an actor!  He’s really British, dontcha know!

P.L.: Yes!  He’s been in many shows in our home country!  What a singer!  What a story-teller!  In this show, he is the narrator and the glue!

 Mary: Others in this cast deserve mention, too!   Joseph Dellger as George Banks; Leisa  Mather as Winifred Banks, and that wonderful Jan Neuberger as Miss Andrew! All deserve great acclaim!

 P.L.: All these shows at WBT tickle my fancy!   It’s because for this show the choreography by Jonathan Stahl and the choreography and direction of Richard Stafford are ama  I read that in the playbill that was sent to me last week.  What did you think of Leo  Ash Evens?zing!

 Mary: “Anything Can Happen” when you have a staff of dedicated people who know    exactly what to do!

 P.L.:  Should we tell them a bit of the plot?  I did write the book.  This show is much     dearer to my heart than that silly Disney movie.

 Mary: I come to the Banks unhappy home as a magical nanny and then leave it filled with happiness!

 P.L.:  That about sums it up!   As they say, “A Spoonful of Sugar helps the medicine go down!”

Mary: Yes, and we have to “Step In Time” before we all “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” and “Feed The Birds.”

 P.L.:  That’s so punny!

 Mary: Indeed!  “Chim Chim Cheree!”

 P.L.:  I always wondered what that meant!

 Mary: Me, too.  It’s a “Jolly Holiday” at the WBT through July, so tell everyone you see  in your travels…