Review: Show: GODSPELL at Westchester Broadway Theater

Published: Thursday, July 16, 2015 By: MACARONI KID (Carmel/Mahopac/Brewster)

This immensely successful rock opera was the first major musical theatre offering from 3-time Grammy and Academy Award winner Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin, Children of Eden).  It is based on the Gospel according to St Matthew. It focuses on the last days of Jesus, and includes dramatized versions of several well-known parables. At once, a demonstration of joy, and a celebration of the family of man, Jesus's messages of kindness, tolerance, and love come vibrantly to life. 

I was invited to see Godspell at the Westchester Broadyway Theatre in Elmsford, NY this past Friday. Boy was I in for a wonderful treat! Godspell is traditionally a series of parables mainly from the Gospel of Matthew.  The Westchester Broadway Theatre brought in relevant references to current day, leaving the audience laughing throughout the entire show.

The biggest treat was the company itself.  Most shows I’m typically struck by one or two amazing actors.  This is the first show where I can confidently say everyone in the company was outstanding. Their voices gave me chills and their energy was stunning. I would return to see the show again, not for Godspell, but just to watch this group. Their synergy is one you rarely find in any production, and it was a thrill to experience.  I am jealous of anyone attending the show as I realize it will be many years before I experience that again

As with any show at Westchester Broadway Theatre, I highly recommend going there. The show is about one hour, followed by a thirty-minute intermission and finishes about an hour thereafter.  The dinner is served 2 hours before the show, allowing you a leisurely and enjoyable time with your guests.  We had the Pollack, and though it was good, I would encourage you to try a different entrée. The staff, as always, was attentive and quick. 

I highly recommend going.