“Give our Regards to Westchester Broadway Theatre, and tell them we’ll be there!”

Published: Monday, June 11, 2012 7:00 am By: Gary Chattman Source: The CheapPop.com


“Give our Regards to Westchester Broadway Theatre, and tell them we’ll be there!”   John Scherer has channeled George M. Cohan from the ghost of James Cagney…and the history of the role originated by Joel Grey…and has brought this incantation to the stage at the Westchester Broadway Theatre!   We’re all “Yankee Doodle Dandies” as we rally round our “Grand Old Flag” and see this wonderful show—only “Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway”.   Make sure you get your tickets as soon as possible, for it will not be there on the second of July.

 Kudos to actors Jeanette Minson (Agnes Nolan), Laura Schutter (Ethel Levey), Melodie Wolford (Nellie Cohan), Amanda Trusty (Josie Cohan) and especially to Jim Walton (Jerry Cohan) for lighting up this scenic stage with their voices and acting.   Raves to Leron Dobkowski (Costume Designer), Leo P. Carusone (Musical Director) and especially to Richard Stafford (Director) for putting together this wonderful review.

Many are not familiar with the history of this man—the “Man Who Owned Broadway,” but I would endeavor to state that many have seen the 1942 movie starring Cagney. 
The incantation that Scherer manifests on this stage as “Mr. Broadway” is unique, in that it is so adept and “right-on.”   His acting is mesmerizing—as his singing and tapping ability.  Yes, this is a “tapping” show, and be careful—you might leave this show tapping on the way to your car, as well as singing the songs.

You must go “Over There” to see this show!   It will ignite your patriotic feelings, just in time for the Fourth of July celebrations.   As usual, Stuttler and Funking have given
Westchester a big bang for a buck.   You get dinner—you get a show—you get parking.   All for the price of a ticket.  What a bargain!
So, don’t forget:   “Give your regards to the WESTCHESTER BROADWAY THEATRE!”  Go see “George M.!”