Westchester Broadway Theatre Presents: Anything Goes

Published: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 By: Camille Kaiser Source: THE CUE


 The delightful musical “Anything Goes” is an easy show to love, over and over again.  If you can’t get enough of Cole Porter music and lively tap dance routines, this is the show for you.   Richard Stafford, director, and choreographer chose a talented cast who made the most of his clever direction.


Bold and brassy Reno Sweeney, aptly portrayed by Stacia Fernandez, opens the show with “I Get A Kick Out of You” revealing her feelings for Billy Crocker portrayed by handsome, charming Zach Zimmer.  “You’re the Top”, one of my personal favorites is well done by this duo.


When Billy goes to the dock to bid farewell to his boss, Elisha J. Whitney, robustly portrayed by Bob Walton (“I Want to Row on the Crew”) he sees the lovely Hope Harcourt (Jackie Raye), who is traveling with her mother (Tina Johnson) and her fiancé, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh (Kevin Pariseau), Billy stows away on the ship hoping to win Hope’s heart.  The confusion accelerates when gangster Moonface Martin, also known as “Public Enemy # 13” (Jon J. Peterson) and his girlfriend, Erma (Mychal Phillips) pose as a Minister and a missionary.  This production presents one great musical number after another: Moonface and Reno’s “Friendship” is a delight, as is Billy and Hope’s “It’s Delovely.”  “Anything Goes” and “Blow Gabriel Blow” featuring Reno and company are absolute show stoppers.


Set design, by Steven Loftus, is appropriate and simple, enabling timely scene changes.  Costuming, by Keith Nielsen, was spot on for the era as well as crisp and beautiful.