It's Party Time! 'On Your Feet' at The Westchester Broadway Theatre

Published: Tuesday, July 2, 2019 By: Eric W. Schoen

All I could think of during the exhilarating 'On Your Feet' at the Westchester Broadway Theater now through August 4 is the audience jumping up from their seats and forming a great big conga line dancing around the theater. \Yes, 'The music will surely get you' in this inspirational musicale which tells the story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan.

Gloria and Emilio left Cuba at an early age escaping from the Communism that ruled that land. Years later they would meet in Miami. Seeking a woman's voice to join his group, the Miami Latin Boys, Emilio found not only a sensational singer in Gloria but his also soon to be wife. Resistance from her mother to enter the music world was met with the love and support of her grandmother.

Though they had left Cuba, the rich culture and dynamic music never left them. They were the without question the first Florida based couple to cross over into the English-speaking market for international pop. This, despite the fact the record label executive who first hired them felt it would never work. Work? It sure did. 26 Grammy Awards between the 2 of them. More than 100 million records sold worldwide. Hits that you know and love including Anything for You, Live for Loving You, You'll Be Mine(Party Time), Don't Want to Lose You, Coming Out of the Dark and so many more of your favorites.

Just when the two were at the top of their game, their tour bus got hit by a truck on the way upstate. Gloria was severely injured, her spine undergoing many operations. Many thought she would never walk again. The music world was amazed that less than a year later, she appeared front and center at the America Music Awards 'on her feet' dazzling the audience with her beautiful voice.

The couple would be honored with prestigious awards including Kennedy Center Honors, Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Song.

Maria Bilbao (Gloria Estefan) and Jose Luaces (Emilio Estefan) sing the songs the couple made so famous with such a loving, emotional feeling between the two of them.

Karmine Alers ( Gloria Fajardo) is a stern but caring mother and Sandy Rosenberg (Consuelo) gives her granddaughter the inspiration she needs to succeed.

Coupled with the delicious food served before the show, you are certain to have a wonderful experience close to home. Westćhester Broadway Theater never lets us down, and we should support this gem of an institution right in our backyard.

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