Spotlight on Arielle Jacobs

Published: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 7:00 am By: Jim DeBlasi Source: The Cue



Arielle is debuting at the Westchester Broadway Theatre in STANDING OVATION STUDIO’S production of IN THE HEIGHTS in the role of Nina – a role she has previously played on Broadway and on tour. Off Broadway, Ms. Jacobs appeared in FARHAD OR THE SECRET OF BEING. She also appeared as Gabriella in the National Tour of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. 



CUE: Did you always know you wanted to be an actor?

AJ: I started dancing when I was three. By the time I was 7,I told my mom I wanted to take singing lessons because I thought that I wanted to be a pop singer. I belonged to a troupe that preformed around the San Francisco Bay area. I always loved performing but I don’t think I always knew it would be my career. In fact, when I applied to colleges, half of my applications were for musical theatre and the other half for environmental science. I was only accepted to the musical theatre schools so my path was decided for me.

 CUE: What’s been the biggest struggle?

AJ: I think it is never knowing where the next job is going to be coming from – it can wear you down. There is always that thought in the back of your head. This is very different than other careers where you know you can climb the corporate ladder and advance. It can be disheartening which is why it is important to have other interests to focus on. When I direct my energies to other things I am passionate about, I don’t get so dejected, wondering where the next show is coming from.

CUE: Does the rejection get easier?

AJ: Yes. I have a good friend who once told me that every job you get was meant to be yours and if you don’t get it, then it wasn’t meant for you – I trust that there is a grand plan and then the rejection is easier. I also trust that I am not the best person to tell every story. There are characters where I am going to be the person that others can relate to but there are characters where I know I could do the part but I wouldn’t cast myself because I recognize I am not the best choice.

CUE: What was your 1st big break?

AJ: Doing HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. I played Gabriella in the national tour and it was the first time someone put me on stage and trusted me to lead a show. That was also my first Equity Production Contract. I stayed with the show for about 14 months – it was such a phenomenon. Kids would wait outside the theatre and bombard you when you left – you felt like such a rock star to them.

CUE: You’ve done various iterations of the show IN THE HEIGHTS – how did you first get involved with it?

AJ: I first heard about the show while I was doing HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL – my cast members told me “You need to see this show and you’d