Actress, 10, Enjoys Role In 'White Christmas'

Published: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 10:00 am By: M. B. Tuccio Source: CT POST
because of her Thomaston audition. "I know the whole story," she said. "I like that it is such a classic. I like that it has the basic love story but is also about how theater really works."

Kolitsas, who gets to sing in the show, fell in love with theater when her parents took her and her sister to see Broadway's "Wicked" when she was in first grade. As a second-grader, she performed in a production of "Annie," and she's done several other shows since then. She also takes classes at FineLine Theater Artsin New Milford.

Kolitsas performs four to five times a week in "White Christmas." Living an hour from the theater means lots of traveling. "Sometimes there's two shows in one day, so that takes up most of my day," she said. But it's worth it, she said.

"When I didn't get the role (last year) I was really disappointed because I thought it was a good part. But I knew there were other things I could do."

Last summer she performed in "Seussical the Musical" with the 12.14 Foundation in Newtown. While most of her "White Christmas" castmates are adults, she said everyone has lots of fun together. "They joke around; they are doing secret Santas and they included me and the other girl who is playing Susan."

Kolitsas said the show's musical numbers are "amazing," as well as the choreography. "I'm not a tap dancer, but I've learned some tap dancing there," she said. The only challenge she noted occurs when snow (soap flakes) fall on the actors. "It's hard not to get it into your mouth when you're singing!"

Ten years from now, she hopes to be on Broadway. "When you're in a show you become family and that's a lot of fun," she said. "You meet amazing people and have so many experiences. Bringing joy to the audience makes me happy."

M.B. Tuccio is a freelance writer in New York;