RAGTIME: Westchester Broadway Theater Delivers A Flawless Show

Published: Thursday, March 13, 2014 By: William Reynolds Source: White Plains Daily Voice
of Negro-only establishments.  The gifted musician is determined to find his lost love.  His actions intensify when he learns about the birth of their little boy.

Tateh, (Joey Sanzano) the widowed Latvian silhouette artist, does everything within his power to care for his sickly young daughter.

The clash of our protagonists and the, heretofore, legal and cultural forces of the day, reach its dramatic and heart-wrenching climax, as the curtain closes the first act.

The second act opens with our protagonists continuing to right the wrongs of the day.  And, as they do so, they meld into a consciousness that, despite their differences, they are one and the same, and purpose to live as such, from this point forward.  The cruel reality of the story reminds us, that their idyllic life, as one, was not achieved in our characters' lifetimes, or those of their children.

It would be impossible to single out the stars of this extroardinary tale.  Victorian Lauzin's portrayal of the forward thinking Mother, is beautifully rendered.  She is the very heart and soul of the production. We, enthusiastically, welcomed the chance to see FaTye, once again.  He was once again masterful as Coalhouse Walker, Jr. Joey Sanzano's essay of Tateh, shows the wide-eyed immigrant, who sees all that the United States has to offer. 

Other stand-outs in this wonderful production are Grant Albright, as the Little Boy, Todd Ritch as Mother's Younger Brother and Nadine Zahr as Emma Goldman.  Each, from their vantage points, saw the world around them, and could see the ills that threatened it. 

We can not find enough superlatives to describe John Fanelli's efforts as director. And the cast never missed a beat under the remarkable musical direction of Dan Kazemi and choreographer Greg Graham.  Everything from the set design, to the costume design, hair, makeup and special effects, magically transports the audience to the New Rochelle and metropolitan area of more than a century ago.

"Ragtime: The Musical" runs through May 4.  Reservations can be made by calling the Westchester Broadway Theatre at (914)-5922, or by visiting their website at http://www.broadwaytheatre.com/