'S Wonderful: The New Gershwin Musical

Published: Monday, March 19, 2012 7:00 am By: Eugene Paul Source: Theatrescene.net
gold hits all crammed in a fast, breezy show. George and his wonderfully witty brother, Ira, who wrote all the lyrics for these songs, are the music giants this show is built on and around. Creator/writer Ray Roderick tried to weave all the songs into a full-length musical that makes sense but had to end up with five mini-musicals, each of which has its own rationale for sense which he has put together.

Let’s call it a musical revue, a Gershwin musical revue and each set of songs tied to a different city, New York, New Orleans, Paris, Hollywood, and, well, all over. He tied them all together by placing the orchestra up center stage in beautiful silhouette, then had effervescent Ken Lundie at the piano directing and playing “Rhapsody in Blue” just for you, at the top and in between the mini-musicals, as a lush thread. And hung his stories, his singing and dancing on that lush thread all Which has taken some doing and some tryouts before arriving at Westchester Broadway Theatre. Choreographer Vince Pesce has come up with dozens of cute shtick for his talented cast to perform which director Roderick handsomely embellished thanks to his glorious cast, those glorious girls, Deidre Haren, Stacey Harris and Mary Millben and those glorious guys, Sean Watkins and Blakely Slaybaugh. And lots and lots of wigs, costumes, props, a whirlwind of lightning changes, lights, you name it.

Our performers are good looking, funny, charming, clever, in tune with their tunes and singing up a storm from pretty to powerful, then dancing like the dickens. A few of the songs you know, have always known: “I’ve Got Rhythm,” “Of Thee I Sing, Baby,” “The Man I Love,” “Summertime,” “Strike up the Band,” “Embraceable You” -- you’ll pass them on to your children and grandchildren. ‘S Wonderful.