Wave your Flags for A Grand Old Cohan! GEORGE M Still Owns Broadway at WBT!

Published: Monday, June 11, 2012 7:00 am By: John F. Bailey Source: Citizen Net Reporter
Grand Old Flag!
The lighting by the magician, Andrew Gmoser, showed so many variations on red. The scene change from Lyric Theatre to Old Glory waving was spectacular, stunning the Opening Night crowd who were just awed.
The scenic device of using different prosceniums of different theatres as Mr. Cohan and the three other members of the Cohan family travel from town to town, is a stroke of genius in design from setman John Carrell. The costumes-- evoking the glamour, the parasols, the waist coats, the tuxedoa, the "class" of the period-- by Leon Dobkowski--simply gorgeous!

In Act One, Jerry Cohan, is seen performing a vaudeville act in Providence from the back of the stage looking
out at the imaginary audience. Nine year old Gabriella Palminteri, (ten years old) from Bedford, runs on stage to tell him his son, George is being born. Thoughout the show the different stages are as much of a star as this dream team giving this show their all.

You see performances from the side, from the front, each theatre stage using the the rotating proscenium stage. Last night's GM
at WBT is a tour de force of how theatre makes ďmake-believe" real.

 Mr. Scherer is backed with another WBT galaxy of complimentary actors who perform many swing roles as GEORGE M creates the show biz of the past

Ms. Heaton radiates turn of the century pulchritude in a spectacular emerald green dress lit immaculately in emerald hues. She agrees to play in George Mís and Sam Harris's first production when she sings Maryís a Grand Old Name in Act Two. The audience is so moved by Ms. Heaton's rich colorature voice and
haunting treatment of this marvelous ballad. She thrilled the audience, producing sentiment and wonder -- easily the most striking solo performance in the show. What a voice Ms. Heaton has!

 he entire scene in Harrisís offices is a comic delight to start the second act as George M fast-talks and sells his musical Forty-five Minutes from Broadway to backers and lures Ms. Templeton. Gary Lynch as Sam Harris is a game comic foil to Mr. Schererís bombast in this Act II opener.

Schererís rapport with father, Jerry, played by Jim Walton is very believable. Scherer and