Wave your Flags for A Grand Old Cohan! GEORGE M Still Owns Broadway at WBT!

Published: Monday, June 11, 2012 7:00 am By: John F. Bailey Source: Citizen Net Reporter
the three other dancing Cohans, Nellie (Melodie Wolford) and sister Josie (Laura Schutter) makes an attractive family. The scene where George M is celebrating Opening night at Rector’s Restaurant where they sing All Our Friends is particularly winning to the audience. In it George M bequeaths half his creative works to his father. Well-played.

Act One shows how Cohan fights through rejection and continues to believe in his talent, defending his creations, being loyal to his family, and his lesser-known songs acquaint us with the show biz life.

From the opening notes of You're a Grand Old Flag starting the show, the stage band of Leo Carusone and his sidemen (Patrick Kelly, keyboards; Ken Ross, percussion; Ron Kozak,reeds; Ron Raffio,Bass; Dave Olson, trumpet) deliver a bed that is supportive, just right, and makes the "grand old bigger-than-America songs" glitter and gleam beneath the cast's fill-the-theatre voices.

The glamorous scene, The Man Who Owns Broadway is distinguished by various marquees of the theatres Cohan owned, The Lyric and The
Savoy, is played so well by the irrepressible Mr. Scherer, as he refuses to accept unions, and decides to retire. The company sings about The Man
Who Owns Broadway
. Mr. Scherer owns this show.

This loving, hard-working, fun-loving revival shows why Cohan is one of a kind! 
George M. Cohan still can give you more fun and good feelings about your country and yourself to this day -- 120 years after the songs in this show were written. They couldn't stop clapping.