“White Christmas” is a Smash Hit!

Published: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 11:00 am By: Kristen Ackerly

The holidays are rolling around as holiday lights and decorations abound brightly.  What better way to welcome the holidays than dinner and a show at the popular Westchester Broadway Theatre? 
After a long absence of high tap dance driven musicals, the Broadway Theatre went back in time to bring us “Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.”  Brought back to a time where elegant clothes and traditional good manners were staples at Christmas parties, get ready for this show.  The show centers around the story of two young men in the army who love to give shows to their fellow soldiers.  During these scenes you meet their superior who they utterly respect.  Some time after they leave the army, the two men go on to have their own television show.

 One of the show is a ladies man and he is determined to have his TV costar put a little playtime into his date.  They come across two sisters who they both fall for.  You’re along for the ride as the four take on a huge journey to help save their former superior’s winter bed and breakfast with their entertainment talents. 

This show is filled with great singing and spectacular tap dancing.  One song that stood out a great deal was the singing and dancing combination of “I Love a Piano.”  They really cast this show well, filled with great talent.  By the end of this show we were ready for it to start all over again.  Believe us, this show is a must for the holidays.  You will want to see it again.  Tickets are selling out already.  Hurry to get yours!