"Again DAZZLED By The Actors At WBT"

Published: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 By: Megan Byrd Source: Brewster - Macaroni Kid

Once again, the Westchester Broadway Theatre has exceeded my expectations. Ragtime, my second show at WBT, left me in awe of the talent possessed by so many, many people – from those involved with the production itself, to the staff of the theater. The ease of which one can see such a high caliber show so close to home is wonderful. The WBT is a hidden gem and I felt privileged for the invite to see it.

Only moments after walking through the doors, we had retrieved our tickets, been directed to our seats and were being served by our attentive wait-staff. The meal selections were plentiful and sure to provide options for everyone. The staff were both courteous and prompt with their service and made our pre-show meal truly enjoyable. 

After dinner, I was again dazzled by the actors that the WBT is able to cast in their shows. Everyone in the show – from the smallest child – a 3-year old boy with only a very small part at the end of the show – to the leading actors provided a memorable performance. The female lead playing the part of Sara was truly amazing. Her voice and the passion with which she delivered her performance kept me wanting to see her more. She was just one of many outstanding voices in the show.

The show itself, if you are unfamiliar with the storyline as I was when I went into the show, provides a glimpse into an era I knew very little about. It shows the struggles of 2 groups – African Americans and immigrant Americans, and both the bigotry and compassion of the upper classes in the early 1900’s in New York. Not only did the show entertain me with its wonderful music, but it educated me and had me leaving the theater in search for more information about what life was truly like in that era of our country’s history. This is no small feat. History has previously not been of much interest to me, but Ragtime provides a personal connection through the character development and it has you feeling both ashamed of the ignorant hatred that was far too common at that time, but also reassured by and thankful for the goodness of human nature of many people who fought for justice and equality for all.

There were a good number of young audience members in attendance, mostly high school aged, and I left wondering if I had seen this show while I was in high school, if it would have sparked more of an interest in American history for me. I was happy to have seen so many young people there and hopeful that they also left with a desire to understand more about that era. I highly recommend this show, not only as a great show to share with your significant other, but also, if you have high school aged children, as a show that the family can enjoy together and spend some time discussing afterwards. A great way show, fabulous service by the WBT staff, and I will be going back for more of what the WBT has to offer!