Westchester Broadway Theatre Brilliantly Combines The Best Of Both Worlds

Published: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 By: Nick Harper Source: Hopewell Junction - Macaroni Kid

Two great things combined in one single package: dinner AND a show. Seriously, what's not to like. Westchester Broadway Theatre brilliantly combines the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy a meal followed by a first-class musical production without having to leave your dinner seat. Quite simply, this is the luxury version of a TV dinner. 

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening night of the Theatre's new show, 'Ragtime'. The story is a sweeping drama set in early 1900s New York. Spanning several years, it weaves the lives of three very different families together showing the racial tensions underpinning early 20th century society with echoes that resonate to the present day. 

The production was magnificent, a true roller coaster of emotions. I wasn't familiar with the story or the music but was completely captivated by both. There were lots of ensemble songs which were where the cast, choreography and direction really shone. But there were also standout performances. FaTye as Coalhouse Walker Jr was electrifying - his voice and the array of feelings he put into it gave me shivers on several occasions. 

The staging was certainly ambitious with several set-piece numbers involving the whole cast, covering the entirety of the two-tier stage. There was also a working Model T car on stage and, without giving too much away, sets coming from above and below. And with all of this happening in a U-shaped theatre it gave the show a much more intimate feel. 

Guest can enjoy pre-dinner cocktails, or if you fancy exploring the theatre there is plenty of memorabilia of past productions posted around the foyer and lobby. There's even a gift shop with plenty to choose from, from souvenir cups to hats and watches. 

The dinner itself is served before the show begins, and there's certainly lots to choose from on the menu. The ticket price gives you a choice of entrées, with salad and sides, as well as fresh rolls and corn muffins, dessert, and coffee or tea. Plus there's also the option to add appetizers, alcoholic drinks or "luxury" desserts onto the packaged dinner. The menu even comes with suggested wines to nicely compliment the meal you've chosen. 

This is certainly a special night and a real joy to be able to enjoy dinner and a show all in one place. I'd thoroughly recommend the production and the venue itself. However, be warned it's a long night. With serving starting from 6.15pm, the show beginning at 8pm and not ending until nearly 11pm, it makes for a lengthy evening.