“Legally Blonde” is energetic and easy to enjoy

Published: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 7:00 am By: Marlene S. Gaylinn Source: On CT & NY Theatre

Just in time to celebrate college admissions, Westchester Broadway Theatre brings us “Legally Blonde,” the award-winning film and Broadway musical by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin, with book by Heather Hach. A young girl named “Elle,” cunningly manages to wangle her way into Harvard, despite her questionable, scholarly aptitude.  We quickly learn that this tootsie’s true motivation is not a college education. It’s a quest to re-unite with a boyfriend who is a Harvard law student.
It’s very apparent that this blonde, pink-clad, Barbie Doll in high heels, doesn’t fit in with the nerdy, Ivy League crowd.  However, Elle does achieve a rewarding education when natural smarts and strong determination twists the fickle finger of fate towards her favor.
Kelly Felthous (Elle) is a little cutie as she sings and dances across the stage with handsome boyfriends Robert Ryan (Warner) and Christopher deProphetis(Emmett).  There are catchy song and dance numbers but some of the words may be difficult to decipher.  While Jonathan Stahl is the Director/Choreographer and the lively pop music is under the direction of John Daniels, it was the trained dogs, Bruiser and Newman who really stole the show.  “Legally Blonde” is energetic and easy to enjoy.
This dinner theatre offers choices to suit everyone’s taste and stage viewing is excellent. Plays to 4/29  Tickets: 914-592-2222