"Legally Blonde” brings glamour to Westchester Broadway Theatre!

Published: Friday, April 20, 2012 7:00 am By: Michelle Jacoby Source: Town Report


"Omigod You Guys,” “Legally Blonde is now playing at the Westchester Broadway Theatre and it is a must see. The highly entertaining production is fun from start to finish. The stylish show has lots of glitz and glam, and as the fashion statement gets bigger, so does the message.

Throughout the play, the characters go through some growing pains to become who they are meant to be. Kelly Felthous, as Elle Woods, takes the biggest leap of faith: The girl from Malibu takes her chances and lands in Harvard Law School. Harvard, which has never seen so much pink before, gives her a chance. Felthous is out of her comfort zone in Harvard but not on stage, as this Malibu Barbie proves to be a powerhouse. Her bubbly stage presence and good nature makes Elle a lovable character. She has great chemistry with everyone on stage, including her pocketbook pooch Bruiser.

Christopher deProphetis, as Emmett, is Elle’s biggest fan. The shy, quiet guy tries to do the right thing until Elle pushes him to live a little. deProphetis shows his personality with “Chip On My Shoulder” and lets go a little bit, and also has some fun with Felthous in “Take It Like a Man.”

Robert Patrick Ryan, as Warner Huntington III, is the start of Elle’s heartbreak, but ends up being her inspiration. Ryan is perfect as the Harvard Law snob. His new fiancée Vivienne (Lauren Blackman) acts equally arrogant in the halls of the Ivy League . Blackman’s perfect posture in her tailored suit and sharp tongue give a little edge to the show. Her scenes with Felthous embody a battle of “pink versus grey” and “good versus evil,” and the outcome surprises the audience.

Aloysius Gigl, as Professor Callahan, is boisterous. He keeps his students in line until Elle comes into the classroom. His studious eccentric group has to work together to help their client, and in order to do so, they produce one of the funniest scenes in the show.

Elle’s friendly nature and open heart lead her to Jacquelyn Piro Donovan, who plays Paulette. Paulette, the sassy hairdresser with a thick accent and makeup to match is a heartbroken woman, until the girl in pink heels steps in. These two have a lot of fun on stage, starting with “Ireland” as Donovan’s solo, and the educational “Bend and Snap” with Felthous, Donovan, and the Delta Nu girls: Brooke Morrison, Gillian Munsayac and Michela Imbesi.

Amber Coartney, as Enid, and Timothy Hughes, as Kyle and Dewey, also have good one-liners throughout the show and are fun to watch.

But the canine cast members hit their mark throughout the show. Paul Newman as Rufus, and Roxy as Bruiser, are both talented rescue dogs that have very active careers.
Music and lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin; musical direction by John Daniels, choreography by Leisa Mather; directed by Jonathan Stahl; costume design by Matthew Hemesath; and animals trained by William Berloni. This Bill Stutler and Bob Funking production of “Legally Blonde” is playing now through April 29 at the Westchester Broadway Theatre. For more information, call (914) 592-2222 or visit broadwaytheatre.com.