REVIEW: Million Dollar Quartet

Published: Tuesday, August 9, 2016 Source: Poughkeepsie Macaroni Kid

This past Friday, my parents and I were invited to attended the Westchester Broadway Theatre's production of Million Dollar Quartet. It just happened to be my dad's 75th birthday and I thought that he might enjoy this show as it is music of his era. Boy, was I right! 

We started off the evening with dinner. We all chose the stuffed baked scrod which was delicious and very filling. Dessert was vanilla ice cream, fresh fruit and a delicate cookie. So much for our diets, because mom and I could not pass up on that! My parents were making comments on how they had enjoyed coming to the Theatre in the past and Dad said that it's great because "No matter where you sit, you never have a bad seat".

While we waited for the show to start, we read up on the show. Million Dollar Quartet is based on the night of December 4, 1956 when a twist of fate brought together the legends Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley at Sun Record Studios in Memphis. Sam Phillips, known as the "Father of Rock "n" Roll" was responsible for launching the careers of each of these singers and recorded them on this night in what may be one of the most famous jam sessions in history. 

The show began at 8:00 and we were tapping our feet and bopping our heads until the final bows two hours later. The show itself was set in Sun Record Studios solely so there was no need for set changes. Between the dialogue, there were musical numbers which kept the audience singing along. The story itself  was very interesting. My parents had never heard about the session and were anxious to learn more about it. Each actor played their character to a T but I think my favorite had to be Dominique Scott who played Jerry Lee Lewis. He was absolutely hysterical! They all played their own instruments as well which was great. 

At the end of the show, the four main cast members came out in flashy costumes for four more numbers which got the audience to their feet for a standing ovation. My dad was singing and my mom got teary eyed as the music brought back memories of her childhood. 

If you have a chance, I would highly recommend Million Dollar Quartet!! It runs through Sept 11th so you have plenty of time to catch it. Take your parents, take your kids! Any age will love it!