Published: Monday, July 16, 2018 By: GARY CHATTMAN Source: Westchester Arts & Education Review


To The Theatre Going Public of Westchester,

I thought of writing this letter while I sat, mesmerized, at the latest—the 206th incantation—Westchester Broadway Theatre.  I planned it out in my head.

Where are you, people?  Come here—to WBT—for one of the most enjoyable shows in the history of this venue.   Pay your money for tickets/free parking/dinner and ambiance—at a fraction of Broadway prices.  I dare you to find a better spot to park yourself and your whole family, at such a wonderful, musical, star-driven show as ANYTHING GOES.

Put down your IPADS.  Close your cell phones.   Turn off your multi-multi channel TV’s—which play boring repeats and nonsensical programs.  If you like reality shows—come to see a REAL LIVE ONE—and it’s only 45 minutes from Broadway, but oh, what a difference it makes!  Come to Elmsford, and you will witness a better incantation of Ethel Merman (those who remember who she was) in the voice and acting and dancing of Stacia Fernandez—the main star of this show.  She plays Reno Sweeney, a chanteuse on a luxury liner.   What a find!  What a voice!   I feared that the glassware in the building would break as she hit her high notes.

And then there’s Zach Trimmer, who, as the stowaway, Billy Crocker, with his angelic looks, fine talent, great singing—will make you ladies kvell!  I can’t forget Jackie Raye, as Hope Harcourt, who really is in love with Billy but is now engaged to marry Lord Evelyn Oakleigh (Kevin Pariseau).  Each of these performers puts most on Broadway to shame. And the bad guy Moonface Martin (Jon J. Peterson) who steals each and every scene he appears in.  And Mychal Phillips, as Erma, and Tina Johnson (Mrs. Harcourt) and…the entire ensemble.  C’est Magnifique!

Ladies and gentlemen of Westchester, there’s the plot I alluded to.  It’s a mashup of merriment and marriage and love and celebrity—don’t we deserve a show that’s so “Easy to Love?”  A show that will give you laughs, and entertainment—“All Through the Night?”  Really?

Don’t forget to thank director/choreographer Richard Stafford.  He’s the genius behind this.  And look at the costumes of Keith Neilson.  The budget for those costumes must have cost a pretty penny---for here, at WBT, they don’t shirk when it comes to quality.  And the sets by Steve Loftus, that showcase this cast.

My fellow citizens of Westchester:  It’s time for you to witness live, exciting, entertaining, magnificent theatre.  And it’s here!  RIGHT HERE!  Under your noses.  So…put down those boring electronics and head to Westchester Broadway Theatre, and tell Stutler and Funking and Tiso “I Get a Kick Out of You” and the wonderful show, ANYTHING GOES!