Menopause The Musical

Published: Monday, March 25, 2019 By: Michelle Jacoby Source: HomeTown Publications

Menopause The Musical

Who knew shopping for undergarments in Bloomingdales could be so fun! Four women meeting for the first time in lingerie by the sale rack leads to conversations about bra sizes and body shapes. They chat about chocolate and hot flashes. There are talks about the past, the present, the future and sex! “Menopause, The Musical” at Westchester Broadway Theatre covers it all!

The show written by Jeanie Linders is the longest running scripted musical in Las Vegas history. Linders was inspired by, “A writer writes what he/she knows.” She took popular songs and changed the lyrics to parody women’s lives, “I am my characters… all of them.”

We can all relate to the diverse woman on stage. Donna J. Huntley is a powerhouse as the Professional Woman; Debby Rosenthal plays the sexy, yet aging Soap Star strongly hanging on to her youth; Roberta B. Wall is the dutiful housewife, anything can happen in a day at Bloomies; and Megan Cavanagh as the hilarious 60’s peace loving Earth Mother.

These four veteran actors guarantee a good time. The laughter starts as soon as they step off the elevator. The woman bond over the greatest and not-so greatest parts about being a woman. A glimpse into each of their lives through song and dance keeps the audience toe-tapping from start to finish.

“Menopause”, shows us life’s ups and downs through humor. Woman deal with their aging parents, growing kids, work, chores and husbands while trying to maintain some sanity for themselves. It’s not easy and we all know it. The show gives women a chance to bond and feel that we are one.  Huntley, Rosenthal, Wall and Cavanagh’s energy is contagious and spreads throughout the audience. You never know what could happen when shopping at “Bloomies”, it’s worth the trip!