Published: Monday, October 21, 2019 By: Camille Kaiser Source: THE CUE

The show opens with Adam Hochberg (Tommaso Antico) recounting the story of the day his friend, Jerry Mulligan (Brandon Haagenson) came to Paris after the end of the war to nurture his passion for painting. He then decides to stay and rebuild his life after he is attracted by a mysterious girl, Lise Dassin (Deanna Doyle).

The opening dance number is an exceptionally well-done ensemble ballet, which is unusual and low-key for an opening number but very effective.

Adam befriends Jerry and introduces him to Henri. The three bond in friendship as they imagine a brighter future which gives us a lively and well done, “I Got Rhythm” with the entire company. This production is an extraordinary combination of song, dance, and drama which incorporates family life and secrets as well as romance.

Act I quietly sets forth the story with a company ballet and goes on to include favorites such as “S’Wonderful” and “Shall We Dance”.   Haagenson, with his good looks and leading man style, captivates the audience throughout the production. Deanna Doyle as Lisa is equally charming and incredibly vocally talented. She mesmerizes the audience with her solo, “The Man I Love”.

Act II opens with the orchestra’s well done “Entr’acte”. Jerry and the company’s lively “Fidgety Feet” is a pleasure as are other standouts such as, “I’ll Build A Stairway to Paradise”, “You Can’t Take That Away From Me” and of course “An American In Paris”.

The set design by Steve Loftis is beautiful, appropriate and effectively fluid as is the lighting design by Andrew Gmoser both of which enable the production to flow gracefully from one venue to another.

This is a familiar story that never gets tired when well executed. AN AMERICAN IN PARIS is extremely well done in every way and is sure to leave the audience humming Gershwins’ favorite tunes as they exit the theatre. Don’t miss it.