SOUND OF MUSIC FOREVER YOUNG. Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Last and Greatest Hit Climbs Mountain at WBT: Timeless Songs You Love All Over Again!

Published: Friday, June 28, 2013 7:00 am By: John Bailey Source: WPCNR

What is the best  super musical of all time? My Fair Lady? Anything Goes? Phantom?  Annie Get Your Gun? Forty Second Street?

My vote is The Sound of Music.
The measure of a musical entertainment is its impact at the time and how it plays a half century after it was first produced. The Cole Porters, the Lerner and Lowes, the Irving Berlins, the Rodgers and Hammersteins’  they hold together  charming audiences decades removed from when they first awed critics and were hot tickets.

You see the magic that sets the supermusicals apart from the rest through August 11 at Westchester Broadway Theatre, (the Super County’s number one entertainment value).  Bring grandma, grandpa, and the grandchildren to see Bob  Funking and Bill Stutler’s (creative teams in their own right)  production of  R & H’s The Sound of Music.  Sound of Music  flaunted its  charm before the distinguished members of the press Thursday evening.

As the nuns of Nunnberg Abbey wonder where Maria is, there is the intrepid Maria, played with poised aplomb by Aubrey Sinn, singing The Sound of Music  against a majestic mountain,  you come alive! As if an old friend is back again.

You’re grinning to the nuns of Nunnberg Abby singing “What do you do about a problem like Maria?”  as they in song,  define the character you’ve just met:
How do you solve a problem like Maria?

How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

How do you find the word that means Maria?

A flibbertigibbet, a willow the wisp, a clown

After these first two songs, if you’re not already in love with  Ms. Sinn’s Maria, who hits just the right nuances of independence, spirit, courage and spunk, with repressed sex appeal, and sense of wonder too, of course, hitting all the notes just right, emotionally, comically  as well as  personnally connecting,

Karen Murphy as the Abbess is  taken in…reminiscing with the repentant  Maria dueting on  A Few of My Favorite Things”   (Whiskers on kittiens…remember)

Ms. Sinn (last seen in Legally Blonde at this venue) is totally believable, interacting naturally and selling Maria’s connection with the von Trapp children, played  by the best acting collection of kid thespians I have seen in a long time since the Mousketeers.

And I want to name them all now:  Mollyjane Boyle, Evelyn Carr, Harrison Cohen, Jasmine Cores, Olivia Fanders, Giann Florio, Hannah Moore, Michelle Moughan, Matthew Quirk, Travis Ramirez, Grace Rundhaug and Brandon Szep.

They did not all play on the night I saw the show, but the ones who did play had such great rapport, choreography and presence particularly