Iím in Love with a Wonderful Show! Gushy, Gritty, Romantic Rendered-with-love SOUTH PACIFIC an Enchanted Evening!

Published: Saturday, October 4, 2014 By: John F. Bailey Source: WPCNR FOURTH ROW CENTER.
it instead of hanging around the base. The dashing Zach Trimmer, Lieutenant Joe Cable  arrives at the Commander’s office, played with navy-perfect pompousness and authority by James Van Treuren who brings an edge of sharp reality to every role he does (he stepped in on Opening of Kiss Me Kate here two years ago and played the lead spendidly—an actor’s actor).

Trimmer as the cocky pilot and Treuren as the base Commander are no-nonsense military presences. As Cable seeks to go behind enemy occupied islands to spy and report Japanese warship convoys.  He seeks the help of de Becque.

Swindal tries to Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair on the beach only to have de Becque overhear her. And as they leave, Swindal tells the woman’s side, singing Wonderful Guy. Swindal’s way with the swing of the upbeat songs Nellie sings makes Nellie particular appealing to the audience, while underlying her conflict as to whether she will be happy. After all she is from Little Rock.

The Swindal “Swing” really sells her role.

While Cable waits to see if de Becque will change his mind, he hangs out with the sailors and the comic bosun Luther Billis (Bill Dietrich, master of the comic quip) inveigles Cable to take a night cruise to Bali Ha’i. Romances blossoms as matchmaker Bloody Mary introduces Cable to Liat, her daughter (Alison T. Chi. Cable and Liat are instantly attracted. Cable sings Younger Than Springtime to her with a masculine sensitivity that makes this throwback romantic love song not only sweet but powerful.


South Pacific mixes two tear-jerking romantic liaisons with a nervous adventure story.

In Act Two, you are started off splendidly with a real slice of how life was in World War II, with Thanksgiving Follies, a camp holiday show, with a procession of sight gags children and the adults will love.

De Becque sends Nellie flowers to try and win her back, but she does not receive them. De Becque laments his fate in a another very effective treatment of This Nearly Was Mine. His ringing voice delivers the pain, the regret, the emptiness of loss that makes this song resonate with any male who has lost a woman they were crazy about.

Director Charles Repole and Musical Director Leo Carusone have paid particular attention to allowing Mr. Dvorsky and Mr. Trimmer to let themselves really loose on Some Enchanted Evening, This Nearly Was Mine, Younger Than Springtime

Then there are  very nervous times in ACT II, as de Becque decides to join Cable on the mission.

They fly out of the base in a staging that suspends the audience’s belief by imaging with spotlights and overhead roar of Lockheed-alike airplane props growling up