Last Chance to Get 'Hairsprayed'!

Published: Thursday, May 31, 2012 7:00 pm By: Veronica Decker Source: Noprth County News
hilarious story and infectious score. But it was Bottari & Case, Gail Baldoni, and Gerard Kelly’s costumes and wigs that pushed my nostaligic heart—and the production value—over the edge. Not one detail was overlooked, from Penny Pingleton’s (played by Stacie Gogo) box-like jumpers and saddle shoes, to a finale wig in the shape of a tree. And to think that this entire production was compiled in just one week.

“I don’t think I could’ve done it with any other cast” said Sabrina Bradley of the Ensemble, reflecting on the short and intense rehearsal process. “From the first day the company made immediate choices and were living and so invested…[it just shows] how professional this company is.”

Professional, powerful, irresistible, hysterical…indeed all of these adjectives are applicable to WBT’s Hairspray. Both a successful parody of and homage to the first era of music television, Hairspray celebrates the 60s—its music, its movement, its momentum of social change—while rendering it relatable to a modern audience. Teenagers and teenagers-in-spirit—much like “America’s oldest teenager” Dick Clark himself—can appreciate “the rhythm of a brand new day” that permeates through this musical.

So run and tell that.