'George M!' a Rah-Rah American Period Piece at WBT

Published: Monday, June 18, 2012 7:00 am By: Bill Primavera Source: The Examiner
under a strong spotlight. Gary Lynch, who plays Sam Harris, is another cast member who commands with an outstanding voice and stage presence.

As in all WBT productions, the ensemble is excellent. I enjoy focusing on one woman and one man in every ensemble who seem to offer something special. In this production I kept my eyes on Carol Schuberg, whose expressive face is a cross between Helen Mirren and Vivien Leigh. She also doubles grandly as Madame Grimaldi, a way-out eccentric, and Ma Templeton.

Among the men, I kept noticing Colin Pritchard who has an excellent sense of timing in his dancing and understated precision in all of his reactions to what’s happening on stage. He also doubles as two other characters.

There are young actresses who perform alternately as Little Girl. On opening night it was Gabriella Palminteri, who will likely see her name on many future marquees.

This show illustrates what entertainment was all about before television, 3-D and special effects.  This was a time when people entertained people with only footlights between them. We may never want to go back to it, but we can appreciate its contribution to stage and screen today.