Mary Poppins

Published: Saturday, June 14, 2014 By: Joanne Greco Rochman Source: Republican American

   Sometimes, I venture off the beaten path to catch some theater. Two such theaters caught my attention this week. The first was the Westchester Broadway Theatre, which is one of the last few remaining dinner theaters. Every now and then I take in a show there. Until this venture, I never cared much for the food, but the theater has definitely picked up on the menu and it is now serving some pretty good fare. The current production is an Equity production of “Mary Poppins.” I don’t review this show when it’s not Equity and since it almost always draws a large audience of children, I don’t ever want to spoil the magic of such a production. The reason I headed out to this New York based theater is because I happen to have a young talented little neighbor named Jane Shearin. She’s 11 years old and has already been the star of some pretty big productions and will be playing Puck in an upcoming Newtown production. I don’t review children, but I do like to follow some of the special ones. I have done this with locals as well.

            Even though we’re talking Elmsford, New York, some of our locals have performed here as well as directed productions at this Westchester-based theater. The first thing that I noticed was that there were hardly any children in the audience. It was a week night, so I could understand that. However, I was surprised at how many adults were in attendance without children. That was until the show started. This  production was top of the line. I am not only talking about Mary Poppins flying in on an umbrella, most of our local theaters now know how to stage flying Peter Pans and other flights of fancy, but the gorgeous carousel that popped up center stage and revolved with the most gorgeous trappings was one of the most stunning effects, I’ve seen in a while. Mind you, the costumes are all extravagant and  the actors are triple threats. My little friend Jane can really belt out a number. She is a little spitfire with pose and talent that belies her age and will serve her well and  take her far.


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