Broadway Theatre Goes Over The Rainbow!

Published: Thursday, August 28, 2014 By: MICHELLE JACOBY Source: Mamaroneck Review


Celebrating 40 years of quality, entertainment and fine dining, Westchester Broadway Theatre proudly presents “The Wizard of Oz” this month.

The 1939 beloved MGM classic film starring Judy Garland has been an inspiration for more than eight decades. The iconic song “Over the Rainbow” represents hopes, dreams and all possibilities; all of which are captured on stage.

The audience experiences Dorothy’s journey to the Emerald City up close and personal. This stage production has all the magic that we have grown to love: witches, flying monkeys, munchkins, Emerald City Dorothy and her little dog, too.

Devon Perry as Dorothy Gale has bigger dreams than the Kansas life she shares with Auntie Em, played by Nadine Zahr. Dorothy’s farm pals, Hank, Zeke and Hickory, share the spotlight with Scarecrow, Tim Dolan; Cowardly Lion, Jayson Elliott and Tinman, Chris Kind. These three are fun to watch as they travel down the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City. By the end, you will fall in love with their brain, courage and heart.

Along the way, Professor Marvel/Wizard was played brilliantly by Ken Jennings; a natural on stage and a delight to watch.

Glinda, the good witch played by veteran of WBT Michelle Dawson, is perfect in pink with her magic wand and Munchkin friends.

The cast of The Wizard of Oz. Photos/John Vecchiolla


The ruby slippers and the haunted forest and poppies are all under the watchful eye of the Wicked Witch of the West, played by Nicole Tori. Tori’s evil laughter echoes throughout the theatre as she creates havoc in every scene. She flew through the skies, cast spells and threw fireballs like no other witch. It was sad to see her go in the melting scene.

The special effects in this production are non-stop. Tornados and flying witches, Emerald City, the wizard’s curtain and fire is due to a great set
designer, Steve Loftus.

The colors, the costumes, the cast‑including Nigel as Toto and Snickers the understudy‑make this production larger-than-life. The combination of this classic story with wonderful songs and sound under the musical direction of William Stanley takes you to a familiar place.

There is no place like home.The Bob Stutler and Bob Funking production of “The Wizard of Oz” is playing now through Sept. 21. For more infor-mation, call 592-2222, or visit