More Sugar Reviews South Pacific

Published: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 By: Jim Petrillo Source: More Sugar


Who doesn’t like a good Rodgers & Hammerstein musical? South Pacific is truly one of their best works.  The music is classic Broadway and the story line in cohesive. This musical is set on a Pacific Island paradise during World War II. Within this play are two love stories, tragedy and a lesson on prejudice, plus a lot of great, memorable music.


The show opens with a wonderful rendition of “Dites-Moi” sung by Ngana and Jerome; Emile De Becque’s young children.  This opening number set the stage and pacing of what would be a delightful and professional performance.  We soon are introduced to Mr. De Becque, played by the extremely talented George Dvorsky and Ensemble. Nellie Forbush played by Haley Swindal.  Ms. Swindal’s beautiful singing voice had the audience full of anticipation for her next number, many of which were backed up by the talented, beautiful actresses who played the nurses.  The audience truly loved “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair.”


Let’s not forget the Sailors and Seebees in the cast headed by Luther Billis, played by Bill E. Dietrich and Captain George Bracket played by James Van Treuren. The men’s strong voices and tight harmonies filled the theater with wonderful tones.  Their performance of “Bloody Mary” along with Joanne Javien who played Bloody Mary was incredibly fun a full of energy. Lt. Joseph Cable (Zach Trimmer) lands on the island to take on a dangerous mission.  He is introduced to Bloody Mary’s daughter Liat and they quickly fall in love.  Their chemistry and singing was magical and the staging was inventive and effective.


Act II opens with three strong numbers; “Happy Talk” and “Honey Bun” are full of fun and shows off this cast’s talent.  Joe Cable’s “You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught” gave us reason to think about its true meaning and message that has stood the test of time and rings true today. Directed by Charles Repole, Choreographed by Michael Lichtefeld with musical direction by Leo Carusone.  WBT’s presentation of South Pacific will leave you smiling as you leave the theater with these wonderful show tunes running through your mind. South Pacific runs September 25 – November 30 and December 31 –January 25, 2015.  Call 914-592-2222 or visit