Published: Wednesday, December 16, 2015 By: Camille Kaiser   Source: The Cue

Tim and Scrooge

 Of all the stories I have enjoyed, Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is not one that I would have thought cries out for a sequel. The musical, (book & lyrics by Nick Meglin and music by Neil Berg) seems to be a new creation, set in the Dickinson era, about family relationships, incorporating the history and names of the characters from “A Christmas Carol.”


Director, Nick Corley and musical director, Patrick Hoagland cast this production perfectly. George Lee Andrews as Mr. Scrooge and Justin Scott Brown as Tim not only portray their characters flawlessly but,  are vocally impeccable. Rita Harvey as Martha Cratchit, John Hillner as Bob Cratchit, Daniel Marcus as Henry Hastings, Kevin Ligon as Jacob Marley, Marissa McGowan as Allison, Anna McNeely as Ann Cratchit, Spencer Plachy as Peter Cratchit, Fred Inkley, Max Korn, Chandler Reeves and Jed Resnick as Gerald Cratchit are also spot on with their character portrayals as well as vocally.


The songs, while not familiar, are pleasant. Scrooge's first song, "Humbug!" is a good opening number. Allison's singing with her friend about the role of women in the world ("A Woman's Place") is an interesting pontification on the way of life in that era and ”Separate Paths" is a perfect duet for the disillusioned lovers. The Cratchit family’s musical numbers are all lighthearted and playful.


While this production is not your usual “Christmas” story, this exceptional cast makes it enjoyable. If you are looking for something different, this is the show for you. The production continues through December 27th. For reservations, call 914-592-2222.