‘Always. . .Patsy Cline” at Westchester Broadway Theatre

Published: Sunday, February 7, 2016 By: Lori Speiser Source: NY Theatre Guide

Now playing at the Westchester Broadway Theatre is Always… Patsy Cline, the story of Patsy and a housewife, Louise Seger, from Houston, who, after hearing Patsy singing on television, immediately fell in love with her voice. Louise became a big fan and would constantly call her local radio station to ask the deejay to play her favorite song.  She called so often the deejay came to recognize her voice. So one day when she called, he mentioned that Patsy would be in town singing at a local honky tonk.  Louise was so excited that she made her companions arrive ninety minutes early to make sure they would have good seats.  Patsy was there and they talked and started a friendship which would continue for years through letters.

. . .if you would enjoy an evening listening to a beautiful voice, you must go see Always… Patsy Cline. . .

The story is told to the audience by Louise Seger, played by Susann Fletcher.  Susann does an excellent job.  She is animated, excited and uses her body language and facial expressions exceptionally well.  She engages the audience by talking to them and involving them with the music. It was clear she was thoroughly enjoying herself and so will you as the laughs keep coming.

Erin McCracken portrays Patsy Cline, singing an incredible twenty-six songs with enthusiasm and emotion during the course of the play. She does so with confidence, skill and poise.  Her beautiful and commanding voice was well-suited to the powerhouse songs she sang.  Yet while powerful, her voice was equally entrancing during the ballads.  

The clothes Erin wore during the play were stylish and appropriate to the time.  Heidi Giarlo, the costume designer, did a great job covering a number of the period’s styles.  Susann Fletcher as Louise, had only one colorful costume which was perfectly suited to her ‘bundle-of-energy’ personality.

Along with the two actors, The Bodacious Bobcat Band was on the stage accompanying Erin McCracken (Patsy). This four-man band: piano played by Ken Lundie who is also the musical director, Ken Ross on the drums, Geoff Marrow on the bass, and Guy Fischetti who played both the steel guitar and the fiddle, did an outstanding job. The music was first-rate and the band members were fun to watch as they occasionally interacted with the actors.

If you are a Patsy Cline fan, a country music fan, or if you would enjoy an evening listening to a beautiful voice, you must go see Always… Patsy Cline at the Westchester Broadway Theatre.  

Running Time: Approximately two hours including one 30 minute intermission.

Always…Patsy Cline is playing at The Westchester Broadway Theatre until February 28th  2016.  The theatre is located at One Broadway Plaza, Elmsford NY.  For tickets call the box office at (914) 592-2222,