Happy Days! Westchester Broadway Theatre!

Published: Monday, May 16, 2016 By: Gary Chattman Source: Westchester Arts and Education Review



The time:  January, 1974.  The place:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The family:  The Cunninghams.  The restaurant:  Arnold’s.  The cast:  Ron Howard (I believe he does other things, now); Tom Bosley, Marion Ross—Potsie, Ralph, Chachi, Joanie, Al and, of course…the Fonz:  Henry Winkler!  The creator:  Garry Marshall.

The show ended in 1984…but, Westchesterites—you can re-visit these characters, courtesy of the Westchester Broadway Theatre—until July 17!  They’re back!  Whoa!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is a SHOW based on these memorable characters!  And music has been added by the noted composer, Paul Williams!  And it’s here—right on our doorsteps!

You know that each and every show at WBT is great—great acting, great direction, great music—great food (try the peach melba!) Our waitress Jennifer Budiel is indicative of the caring and pride that the owners of WBT put into their dinner theatre.  And this show is no exception.  In the history of musical theatre in Westchester, shouldn’t there be a plaque put in the county seat’s main courthouse, honoring Mr. Stutler and Mr. Funking?  This is their 196th production!  Imagine!

You see, the plot here is that Al is gonna lose his restaurant—how can the Fonz and the gang save it?  Whoa!

A subplot is introduced with some weird characters named Jumpy Malachi and Myron Malachi—who wrestle the Fonz—but you don’t want to know everything that happens, do you?  From me?  Naah!

If you do wanna find out what happens—get your tickets and come back to Milwaukee in 1974.  You will see Herb Porter (Richie); Nick Varrichio (Fonzie); Peter Marinos (Arnold); Peter Davenport (Howard); Lori Hammel (Marion) and a host of “Happy Days” characters to make your visit a “happy day!”  Stealing this show out from under our exceptional actors--familiar characters, are Nicholas Park (Jumpy Malachi) and his brother Myron Malachi (Ian Parmenter) who, as they say, act “bigger than life.”  Whenever they appear, they give the audience a barrel of laughs!

We are so happy to revisit Al’s—courtesy of the fantastic set design by Steve Loftus; revisiting the 1950’s is memorable, because of the costumes of Janell Berte.  Thanks, Andrew Gmoser (lighting).

Jonathan Stahl—director and choreographer—has done a magnificent job in recreating one of our favorite sit-coms.  He is the “star” of all for this show!

So, remember, if you want some “Happy Days” in your life, you’ve got to go see “Happy Days!” at the Westchester Broadway Theatre!   (Remember: Broadway tix are $135 each; dinner costs money as does parking).  Elmsford is just a hula hoop away from us!  Take your poodle skirts, take your yo-yo’s and lindy on down to the WBT—the hippest showplace in Westchester!  Yo!  Whoa!