Saturday Night Fever at WBT

Published: Monday, September 26, 2016 By: Gary Chattman Source: Wesatchester Arts & Education Review

One of the songs in this production is “You Should Be Dancing,” which closes Act I at the WBT.   After you see this show—and you must see this show—you should be dancing to the music and the beat of The Bee Gees!

This is but another superlative production for this special Westchester Dinner Theatre.  Where in heaven’s name do they get the talent?

Thank you, Mr. Stutler and Mr. Funking, for choosing this show to grace your stage—You both are definitely “At The Top of Your Game!”

There is a song from Peggy Lee, called “Fever” and some of the lyrics go:  “Everybody's got the fever…That is somethin' you all know…Fever isn't such a new thing;
Fever started long time ago.”  The fever we’re talkin’ ‘bout at WBT is the “Saturday Night Fever” you get when you watch Tony Manero (played with gusto by Jacob Tischler—in the role created by John Travlolta in the movie-based-on-a-New York Magazine article) and Alexandra Matteo (as Stephanie) and Gianna Yanelli (as Annette—who, as she says to Tony, “If I Can’t Have You,” is one of the highlights of this superlative show.)

I have seen so-so-many shows here at the WBT, and each time they get better-and-better (D’ja hear?  “Mamma Mia” in 2017?  Can’t wait!)

My wife and I arrive bout 6:00.  We order the WBT special dinner—choice of roast beef…fish…special appetizers, peach melba dessert.  I’ll stop mentioning their food because I don’t want to make you hungry—I just want you to leave some of your own personal “Tragedies” and find “100 Reasons” to see this show.

I don’t have to mention the music by the iconic Bee Gees.  We all know their worth.  I will mention the direction and choreography by Richard Stafford—a Broadway maven!  And there’s also the spectacular costumes by Michael Bottari and Ronald Case and Set Design by them…Andrew Gmoser (a fixture in the lighting booth low these many years)…and the musical direction of Ryan Edward Wise.  This indeed is a very Wise choice!

The plot:  disco, which is an escape for Tony, his pals and the girls; dancing competitions that mirror life’s challenges…”Tragedy” when one of the characters dies…happiness as Tony comes into his own…It’s Saturday night in Bay Ridge Brooklyn—a boring life—but there’s also the local disco, 2001 Odyssey—a beatin’, singin’ way to express oneself.

All-in-all, as I mentioned previously, Peggy Lee’s “Fever” is all on Saturday Night in this show—a phenomenal showcase for WBT, a mainstay of the Westchester Theatrical Community for its fine representations of musical theatre (note I spelled it with the “re” not the “er”) for years upon years.

As I have mentioned previously, why pay Broadway ridiculous prices?  Why pay Broadway ridiculous dinner prices?  Why pay for expensive parking?  It’s all Here!  HERE AT THE WESTCHESTER BROADWAY THEATRE!

The song “Nights on Broadway” should be retitled:  “Nights on WESTCHESTER BROADWAY THEATRE!”