Westchester Broadway Theatre’s A CHORUS LINE

Published: Tuesday, January 30, 2018 By: Camille Kaiser Source: THE CUE

When I was a child, my father told me that New York City was the most famous city in the world and since we were only half an hour away, he was going to make certain that we would see every bit of it. We went weekly to all the tourist attractions including Radio City Music Hall to see the most famous chorus line of all – The Rockettes. It was mesmerizing to watch them all move as a single unit with such precision.  A CHORUS LINE at the WBT mirrors that experience.

The air was electric on press night for “A Chorus Line.” Everyone was eagerly awaiting the start, the opening lyric, “I hope I get it!’  And when the director, Zach, calls out, “A 5, 6, 7, 8” the entire audience erupted into loud applause and cheers. Never has a musical been so raw nor actors more vulnerable.

The opening number gives us a Glimpse of just how much it takes to be cast in a chorus line – the hard work, the dedication, and determination. After the initial cuts, the director Zach, and choreographer, Larry, convincingly played by Brian Dillon and David Elder respectively, they inquire to uncover more about each of the auditioners. They probe beyond the dancer to learn about the person.

There are those that rise to the occasion and others with more difficult pasts that are reluctant to share their stories and issues.  Mike (Drew Carr), discovers his love for dancing at his sister’s dance class and commands the stage with his rendition of “I CAN DO THAT.”

One of the most touching scenes of the show occurs when Paul (Michael John Hughes) breaks down while conveying the story of his unhappy childhood and the path that led him to this audition. The beautiful veteran Cassie, perfectly portrayed by Erica Mansfield, was not only appropriately arrogant but her solo dance routine (THE MUSIC & THE MIRROR) is mesmerizing and a true show stopper.  And of course, the anthem for the show, WHAT I DID FOR LOVE, was delivered with passion and emotion by Alexandra Matteo (Diana) along with the entire cast. The finale with the entire cast dressed in their identical, glitzy gold costumes demonstrated how all the individual personalities disappeared to create one singular sensation.

Kudos to Director/Choreographer Mark Martino for a superb production.  Cheers to the entire cast for an outstanding job and a wonderful production. Each portrayed his or her character to perfection. As an audience member, it is interesting & fun to be able to take a peek behind the curtain and watch how a chorus line evolves!  The production continues through April 1.  For reservations, call 914/ 592-2222. Don’t Miss It!