A Chorus Line at the Westchester Broadway Theatre

Published: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 Source: Westchester Connect

The very well known “Chorus Line” is now on stage at the Westchester Broadway Theatre from now through April 1st. The unique theatre known for an excellent dinner and a show (quite unusual these days) is excited to put on their 204th production! The Broadway show with the well-known movie adaptation starring Michael Douglas has been entertaining audiences for over thirty years. It opened on Broadway in July of 1975 and has been a hit ever since. So will the production presented by Westchester Broadway Theatre live up to the fame and stellar reviews the show has had in the past? Let’s dive in.

The show opens with the popular audition scene as many young Broadway hopefuls are trying for their chance at the big white way. First impression-- the cast is strong, their voices are strong and the dancing looks great. The girl in the red immediately stands out to us. Of course, for those who know Chorus Line, this is Cassie, played by Erica Mansfield. She has an X-Factor about her that stands out as she dances in the line.

The show continues with a rendition of “I Hope I Get It” the song which will not leave you, you will continue singing it after the show. Trust us, it’s just that type of song. The dance audition ends and it’s time to learn about all the people who make it to the next “level” of the audition. The lineup goes one by one telling their stories, many dramatic and sad. Some are downright provocative and while this is part of the script we wish they could have left some out as it becomes rather uncomfortable to hear some of these stories.

As the stories continue, there were some which had some good energy, namely “I Can Do That” by Mike, played by Drew Carr. Another fantastic ensemble performance was “What I Did for Love” lead by Diana, played by Alexandra Matteo. This girl grabbed our eye from the start as well, it was immediately apparent this actor had excellent training and a very comfortable appearance on stage. We have seen Alexandra before when she starred in “Saturday Night Fever” at the Westchester Broadway Theatre.

The two highlights definitely were Cassie in “The Music and the Mirror” when she put on a one-woman show as she sang her heart out to her former flame, “Zach” played by David Elder. She presented the role with a tremendous energy, her voice and dancing talents were top notch.  Her presence on stage was incredibly dynamic and will hold your attention from start to finish. Finally, the hit sensation song, “One” takes the stage. The entire cast, including “Zach” lineup in gold suits. The performance had everyone on the edge of their seats clapping with pure joy as the group gave it their all.

Our Final Recommendation?
Definitely see the show, but we would not recommend the show for children due to the adult content in a number of the songs. Keep this one for the adults.