Remember when? Review of GUYS AND DOLLS

Published: Friday, May 3, 2013 7:00 am By: Michael J. Muldoon Source: MORE SUGAR

Remember when? Remember when New York City was a little sleazy, a tad dicey and a lot more dangerous? Even mid-town? It wasn’t so bad (if you didn’t get mugged or lose too much dough in a three-card monte game). It was exciting and fun. Broadway lit up the smoke-infused night with musicals that sang and danced whilst people cheered. Well, now you have to come to Westchester County, specifically Elmsford and the Westchester Broadway Theatre, to relive that pernicious era.

Director Richard Stafford and Associate Director Jonathan Stahl have brought us back to that time, not-so-long-ago, and it is more colorful, more dynamic, more lyrical and hell of a lot more fun than even you remember in their production of GUYS AND DOLLS at WBT. A neon-lit 1930s era Times Square is a picture frame for this bygone city and the setting for a very good musical. Credit John Farrell for the set design. We not only see the streets above but below-ground, we get a glimpse of Manhattan’s underground; perfect for a traveling all-night dice game. 

Stafford and Stahl are also credited with the choreography and they have terrific dancers to work with. The gifted movers easily transition from ballet to swing to Cuban-style and look good doing so. In fact, the cast of a couple of dozen seems to be hundreds with their adept character and costume changes; many doubling and tripling roles. Jayson Elliott, Nicely Nicely, brings down the house in “Sit Down You’re Rockin the Boat.” Gary Lynch and Courtney Glass have beautiful voices as Sky Masterson and Sarah Brown. Allie Shauer also does fine work as Adalaide. She leads the Hot Box Girls who sound great and look even better. Speaking of sounding great, Jihwan Kim leads the wonderful orchestra as Musical Director.

Take a trip back to a past that looks, sounds and thanks to the terrific chefs and crew in the kitchen at WBT,  tastes better than it really was. Right here in Westchester County.  GUYS AND DOLLS took the stage on March 21 and will relinquish it May 26th. The next WBT production will be THE SOUND OFMUSIC May 30–August 4. OLIVER will follow on the Main Stage from August 15-September 8. In addition, WBT is showcasing numerous concerts, comedy nights and special events. Make reservations now. Save up to 33% as a season subscriber. Check go to their website at for the detailed information or call the Box Office.