Bill Nolte as Tevye performs,
Bill Nolte as Tevye performs, "If I Were A Rich Man."
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Fiddler On The Roof
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Bill Nolte as Tevye performs, The Company Performs Andrew Mayer as the Fiddler  l to r :   Dana Glaus (Chava), Sarah Rolleston  (Hodel) and Rachel Prather (Tzeitel) Perform
Terry Palasz (Yente)  and Emily Zacharias (Golde) The Company Performs The company performs Emily Zacharias (Golde) and Bill Nolte as Tevye perform
Rachel Prather as Tzeitel and Andrew Boza as Motel Bill Nolte (Tevye ) and Andrew Mayer (The Fiddler) in Fiddler On The Roof Chris Giordano as Fyedka and Dana Glaus as Chava Bill Nolte and Stephen Tewksbury as The Constable
Samantha Robbins(Shprintze), Julia Gold (Bielke) & Gianna Florio (Bielke) The Company of Fiddler On The Roof. The Orchestra of FIDDLER