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Company performs "Welcome To The Sixties."
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Erin Mcracken as Tracy Turnblad Erin McCracken as Tracy Turnblad performs Tripp Hampton as Link Larkin and Erin Mcracken as Tracy Turnblad. Erin Mcracken as Tracy Turnblad
Inga Ballard top center)  as Motormouth Maybelle with the cast. Erin Mcracken as Tracy Turnblad The Cast performs  The Cast of Hairspray.
Tad Wilson as Edna Turnblad in Hairspray. l to r:  Stacie Gogo (as Penny), Erin McCracken (as Tracy), Bruce Rebold (as Wilbur) and Tad Wilson (as Edna) l yo r: Sydni Beaudoin, Mia Michelle McClain, and Tamala Baldwin as the Dynamites. Company performs
Tad Wilson and Bruce Rebold  as Edna and Wilbur Turnblad. Kara Dombrowski (as Amber Von Tussle),  and Ann VanCleave (as Velma Von Tussle)