The ensemble performs
The ensemble performs "Too Darn Hot"
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Kiss Me Kate
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The ensemble performs Brian Ogilvie (Bill Calhoun) and The Girls. William Michals and Christianne Tisdale  as Fred & Lilli William Michals and Christianne Tisdale (as Fred and Lilli) in Kiss Me Kate
Missy Dowse (Bianca) and the boys.(l to r Brian Ogilvie, Kyle Erickson Hewitt and Darrell T. Joe) Christianne Tisdale as Kate William Michals as Petruchio Michael Kubala, Michael Farina (as The Gangsters), Christianne Tisdale (Kate/Lilli) and James Van Treuren (Harry/Baptista).
Missy Dowse (Lois Lane) with Daren Kelly (General Harrison Howell) (l to r) Michael Kubala and Michael Farina  perform Brian Ogilvie (Bill Calhoun)  and Missy Dowse (Lois Lane) .(l to r)  Christianne Tisdale (as Lilli/Kate), William Michals (as Fred/Petruchio), Missy Dowse (as Lois/Bianca), and Brian Ogilvie (as Bill/Lucentio).
 The Cast of Kiss Me Kate