The Cast of Showboat
The Cast of Showboat
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Show Boat
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The Cast of Showboat Michael James Leslie (as Joe ) Center. And Ensemble perform “Ol’ Man River.”  Sarah Hanlon (as Julie Laverne)   and Eric Briarley (as Steve Baker) Julie-steve-pete-(1800x1440)
Julie (Sarah Hanlon) center and Ensemble perform “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man Of Mine” John Preator (as Gaylord Ravenal) and Bonnie Fraser (as Magnolia Hawks) Perform “It’s Only Make Believe.” Wedding-(1800x1440) Magnol-kim-(1440x1800)
Ravenal-kim-(1440x1800) Andy-Parthy JVP 0312 Amanda Pulcini (as Ellie May Chipley) and Daniel Scott Watson (as Frank Schultz) perform “Goodbye My Lady Love.”
The Ensemble Performs The Charleston Joe-Queenie(1800x1440) Finale(1800x1440) Orchshowboat